Intimidation of free thinkers continues

The intimidation against journalists, liberal and independent thinkers is continuing unabated. Social media has become the biggest platform to harass and bully journalist and independent thinkers. Anyone who questions present ruling dispensation is immediately declared as anti-national and is bullied in social media. The recent killing of popular journalist Gauri Lankesh once again shows how it is increasingly becoming dangerous for independent journalist to work in India. She was a bitter critic of communal politics and often had run in with members of Sangh Parivar.
Many of the supporters of right wing group celebrated her death. Today BJP reportedly has sent a legal notice to historian Ramachandra Guha, who had alleged that journalist Gauri Lankesh’s killers could be from the Sangh Parivar – a group of organisations led by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the BJP’s ideological mentor. Mr Guha has been warned of civil and criminal action if he doesn’t offer an unconditional apology within three days for his comments. It is too early to make judgment as police is yet to make any breakthrough in the case. But considering the fact Lankesh’s death was widely celebrated by supporters of right wing group, many including people like Ramachandra Guha have made their own assessment and came to a conclusion. It is the duty of police to solve the murder mystery so that everything comes clean. It is unfair to stifle the voice of Mr Guha by sending him a legal notice. The saffron party can wait for the police probe to finish and initiate legal action if Mr Guha is proved wrong by the investigators.