Indigenous communities are deeply worried

The government of India is fighting hard to ensure early deportation of Rohingya refugees from India. The Centre today told the Supreme Court that Rohingya refugees were illegal immigrants and some of them were part of a sinister design of Pakistan’s ISI and terror groups such as the ISIS. Therefore, their presence in the country will pose a serious national security threat. The Ministry of Home Affairs made its stand clear in a much-awaited affidavit in the apex court, in which it also said the fundamental right to settle in any part of the country was available only to citizens and not the Rohingyas.
People of Arunachal is closely watching the tough posture adopted by union government against Rohingya refugees and will be hoping that centre take similar stand in Supreme Court against Chakma and Hajong refugees. The SC has directed centre and state governments to grant citizenship right to Chakma-Hajong refugees. This order has created deep anger amongst the people of state. The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) has already declared that apex court’s directive is not acceptable and the indigenous people of Arunachal will vehemently oppose the move. There is growing fear that decision to grant citizenship rights to refugees living in Arunachal may cause social unrest. This is a highly emotive issue and situation will need careful handling by the government of India. There is genuine anger among the indigenous tribal communities. If this anger and fear is not addressed properly it might have serious repercussion.