US should be careful

US President Donald Trump’s recent decision not to certifythe nuclear deal with Iran has potential to further push Middle East into chaos. Such a move would not mean a US withdrawal from the deal that freezes Iran’s nuclear programme, but it is part of a tougher strategy on Iran. The announcement of Mr Trump has been widely criticized across the world. Barring Israel majority of world power has vouched support for the deal. This move by president Trump has potential to derail the path of convincing Iran to freeze its nuclear programme. World leader managed to convince Iran to sign deal after much persuasion and difficulties. Trump should not be allowed to kill the deal with his histrionic politics.
It is quite natural that those world powers involved in the deal are now getting back at him. Russia has warned Donald Trump’s administration not to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal – saying America’s withdrawal would harm “predictability, security, stability and non-proliferation around the world”. The Kremlin warned that should the US leave the pact, Iran would be likely to quit the agreement as well. The European Union today reaffirmed its support for the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers despite sharp criticism of the accord by US President Donald Trump. It also urged U.S. lawmakers not to reimpose sanctions on Tehran. The whole world is united in voicing support for nuclear deal. This is the only way to keep Iran away from acquiring nuclear weapon. US should be extremely careful with their move. Their solo move of walking away from deal can virtually kill the deal. Such situation will push Iran more towards nuclear weapon programme and it will destabilize the whole Middle East.