Concentrate on governance

One of the most famous tourist attractions of India, the Taj Mahal is under cloud of controversy following the series of controversial statement made on it by the BJP leaders. It started with riot accused MLA Sangeet Som describing the Taj Mahal as “blot on Indian culture” and alleged that it is a monument built by traitors and is symbol of slavery. Mr Som, one of the politician accused of inciting riots in 2013 in Muzaffarnagar, also said Mughal history should be erased from the country’s history. Today BJP parliamentarian Vinay Katiyar wading into the controversy over the 17th century Mughal-built monument said Taj Mahal is originally a Hindu temple and should be renamed “Tejo Mahal.”
Though BJP has distances itself from the comment of Sangeet Som and Vinay Katiyar, there seems to be a deliberate ploy to play Hindutva card as election season approaches.. Right now country is facing serious unemployment problem and economy is tanking. Agrarian crisis is gripping the whole country and farmers are forced to commit suicide on daily basis. But no one is talking about these pertinent issues. The action of linking Taj Mahal with Mughal and thereby indulging in Muslim bashing will not solve the country’s problem. Sangh Parivar may not be comfortable with the history but the fact remains that Mughal ruled India and constructed several magnificent structure including Taj Mahal and Red Fort from where Prime Minister of India addresses nation on Independence Day. History cannot be re-written. Instead of going back to past, the ruling party and its leaders should fulfill the promises made to electorate and take country towards a better future. Its time they put an end to religious politics and concentrate on governance.