Involve the stakeholders

The creation of department of indigenous faith and culture created lot of controversy which was unnecessary and easily avoidable. Arunachal Christian Forum and several indigenous faith groups exchanged bitter war of words over the creation of department. Today Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein cleared the air about the apprehensions regarding the proposed Department of Indigenous Faith and Cultural Affairs (DIFCA). Mein declared that new department would take care of the welfare and development of all indigenous cultures irrespective of faith and beliefs.
Hopefully this will clear the air and put an end to the controversy. The whole incident exposes the deep division among tribal communities which are being fueled by the outsiders. Both the church and indigenous faith leaders need to stop listening to outsiders while taking decision about Arunachal. Ours is a unique state where tribal affiliation matters more than the religious affiliation. Differences should be resolved amicably without going to the press. There is no doubt that dying culture, tradition and indigenous faith of Arunachal need to be preserved and government will have to play their part in this regard. However state government should hold consultation with all the stakeholders and then proceed ahead. With the onslaught of modernity there is grave threat to tribal culture and tradition. Every Arunachalee irrespective of tribe and religion should join government in the effort to preserve the unique tribal culture and tradition.