Let there be fair investigation

The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) on Wednesday leveled serious allegation against Government of Arunachal Pradesh alleging that 300 people were given fake appointment under the department of health and family welfare. Further APCC alleged that one Tsewang Gyatso, who is believed to be cousin of Chief Minister, is involved in the scam. State Government immediately refuted the allegation and alleged that APCC is indulging in cheap publicity stunt. The nature of allegation is serious and it should not be lost in the political slugfest between BJP and Congress.
Proper investigation should be done to unearth the truth. Job scam is a slap on the face of the unemployed youths of Arunachal. Thousands of unemployed youths are struggling to find job. Especially if one hails from poor economic background situation becomes more difficult. Also due to the absence of corporate house the majority of unemployed youths are dependent on government job. Therefore if govt job is sold like this it will have demoralizing effect on the morale of the youngsters. The allegation leveled by Congress has put huge question mark on the credibility of state government. In order to ensure fair investigation state government should carry out investigation under the supervision of retired judge.