Shocking incident

The recent incident of three female teachers of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV), Sagalee forcing 88 female students to undress as a punishment is deeply disturbing to hear. The involvement of female teachers in such kind of cruel act is shocking. They are supposed to be sensitive towards the issues concerning girl child. The department of education has taken right step by suspending the teachers involved in the incident. It is reported that an FIR has been lodged against the trio by All Sagalee Students Union. Police need to take action based on the FIR lodged by the union.
The education department should take cue from Sagalee incident and adopt strong measures to tackle the child abuse case in schools. A mechanism must be developed to address these kinds of incidents. There are hundreds of schools operating in the state including both private and govt funded. One wonders whether these schools have proper mechanism in place to deal with the case of abuse of students. The education department should carry out random checking of the schools and punish those who are not following the laid down norms. The Sagalee incident could be just tip of iceberg and there may be several such unfortunate incidents taking place in the schools across the state which are not being reported in media. This thought should worry every citizen of the state. The schools are supposed to be the safest place for the children and therefore everyone has to work together to ensure that it continues to remain safe.