Education and moral values

Education not only liquefies ignorance, it increases knowledge and builds character. Education provides necessary knowledge for development of an individual.
Education Minister Honchun Ngandam rightly observed that education which boosts moral values, is the key for disciplined life of an individual without which overall development of a society or a state is almost impossible. Participating in a recent literary event in state capital, the education minister felt that in absence of moral education, the young students have gone wayward and become undisciplined.
However, without the support and cooperation of the society and like minded people, a teacher alone can not mould the character of a students and impart moral values. Therefore, the Minister advocated for involvement of all stakeholders in education system to bring a change in young mindset and make them more disciplined. He rightly called upon all senior district level officers to visit schools at least once in a week and take classes on moral education and bring awareness among the students about the role and functioning of various Govt agencies.
Hope, the minister will keep his words for preparation of school text books including the natural beauty, history, rich cultural heritage of the state as a moral booster of the students.