Dangerous allegation

As campaigning to the Gujarat polls nears the end, political parties are making every effort to polarize the election. The ruling BJP which promised to fight election based on development agenda is resorting to old trick of communalizing poll using Pakistan and even Mughal dynasty. Almost on daily basis there is slanging match going on between Congress and BJP over communally sensitive issues which can hurt the interest of nation. All of a sudden development seems to have completely taken back seat. No less than Prime Minister of country Narendra Modi himself is setting agenda for polarization by alleging that Pakistan is interfering in the Gujarat election.
Modi during an election rally alleged that recently a meeting was held in the house of suspended Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyyar which was attended by former PM Manmohan Singh, Pakistani High Commissioner along with several other retired bureaucrats and army officials from both country where a conspiracy to dethrone BJP from Gujarat was allegedly hatched. The nature of allegation is extremely serious as PM is trying to tell country that people like former PM Manmohan Singh and retired army chief General Deepak Kapoor is working against nation. Modi need to substantiate his allegation with proof and if not he should apologize to these people for hurting their image. Former PM Manmohan Singh reacted angrily to the allegation and stated that he was “deeply pained and anguished” by the “falsehood and canards being spread to score political points by none less than Prime Minister Narendra Modi”. Now the onus lies with PM to substantiate the allegation leveled by him.