Timely intervention

The Censor Board Chief Prasoon Joshi has raised an important issue by stating that TV debates are resulting in language of extremism in the country. The noted lyricist-poet said the country will have to find a new way to listen to the arguments and also win them. In the last few years television debates have increasingly turned vitriolic and communal in nature. Every night TV news channels churn out debates which are laced with communal overtones. Name calling of individual and community are done in such a way that which can provoke ugly situation.
Infact social commentators believes that one of the many reasons for India witnessing social tension is largely due to constant polarized debates taking place in the TV studios. In the garb of garnering more TRP, the television channels are virtually crossing all the limits. There is an urgent need for self-censorship and course correction by the television journalists. It’s a tragedy that just for the sake of TRP they are creating so much hatred and division in the society. Mr Prasoon Joshi has ignited a vital debate on the role of TV channels and the kind of language that is used in the TV debates. This important intervention by censor board chairman is timely and hopefully it will send out a positive message to the TV news channels.