Ray of hope for opposition

The result of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election has proved that Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to be the neta no.1 of the country. BJP was in a difficult spot in Gujarat due to issues like GST, Patel agitation etc. But ultimately Modi magic prevailed and he single handedly won Gujarat for the BJP. There is no doubt that at present Modi is the tallest leader of country. No leader can match his charisma and will to win elections. He is truly a 24/7 politician and knows how to win election for his party.
Though BJP may be celebrating victory in Gujarat and Himachal, the opposition party in particularly Congress will see ray of hope in the final outcome of result in Gujarat. Under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress fought aggressively and gave anxious movement to the formidable BJP. They won more seats than BJP in rural areas and seem to have won back the traditional rural votes which have been evading them in recent year. The strong campaign run by Congress and more number of seats won by it, in compare to previous election shows that BJP is vulnerable. The opposition will have to build a new narrative to take on formidable duo of Modi and Shah. If they fail, the Modi-Shah juggernaut will overwhelmingly trounce opposition and will win 2019 without any difficulty.