Proxy war is getting out of control

The crisis in Middle East is increasingly taking dangerous turn. The bitter proxy war between regional powers Iran and Saudi Arabia is getting out of hand. Today Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen’s Houthi rebels says it has intercepted a ballistic missile near Riyadh. The missile was shot down and did not cause any damage. The Houthis’ said the missile targeted a meeting of Saudi leaders at the al-Yamama Palace. Last month, a similar missile came close to hitting Riyadh’s airport. Saudi Arabia and its western allies including US accuse Iran of arming Houthis with the missile. Iran and Saudi Arabia is supporting different regime and groups in war torn countries like Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.
The proxy war being waged by two countries is having destabilizing effect in whole of Middle East. Iran is a Shia power while Saudi is leader of the Sunni block. The rivalry between two arch enemies has gone beyond religious line and is taking the shape of political and military rivalry. In Yemen, the Houthi rebels are supported by Iran but Saudi supports the internationally recognised government. Saudi Arabia launched a military campaign in March 2015 to drive out the Houthis from Yemen. The military mission has failed and it has only contributed to more blood sheds. Supported by Iran, the Houthi rebel seems galvanized and is launching missile attack on mainland Saudi. There is urgent need for intervention to end the Yemen crisis. Also the hostility between Iran and Saudi Arabia which is taking dangerous proportion has to be controlled before situation goes out of control. The international community should intervene in the greater interest of world. Countries like US, Russia, China will have to play an important to bring peace in the Middle East.