Time to regain the lost glory

The horrific rape and murder of a 13 year old girl at Chongkham under Namsai district has shocked the whole state. Considered to be one of the safest places for women in the country, Arunachal is increasingly witnessing more incidents of attack on women. In recent year there has been sudden rise in incidents of rape, molestation, murder etc. Few years ago these kinds of incidents was unthinkable and everyone thought such incidents only take place in mainland India. But reality is sinking in and there is no doubt that Arunachal is becoming unsafe for the women.
The state government will have to take note of this trend and take necessary action in this regard. There was talk of opening women police station in every district which has not materialized yet. This needs to be revisited and concerted effort should be made to open more women police station. Adequate manpower should be provided to the police force and they should be equipped with the modern technologies. Also the rate of conviction of criminals needs to improve. The poor rate of conviction emboldens the criminals. For this the judiciary system should be made more robust. The civil society will have to play an active role and constantly push government to take strong measures to make state safer for the women. Arunachal will have to regain the lost glory and for this everyone should join hand together to once again make state as the safest place for the womenfolk.