Onus lies with Pakistan

After much delays the US government finally seems to have realized mistake and is making all out effort to tackle terrorism emanating out of Pakistan. Earlier this week, President Trump accused Pakistan of lying and deceiving the US while receiving billions in aid. Trump threatened to punish Pakistan and true to his word the US government announced that it is cutting almost all security aid to Pakistan. The state department said the freeze would remain in place until Islamabad took action against the Haqqani network and the Afghan Taliban.
The Pakistan government has forcefully responded to allegation and said it has made supreme sacrifice in the fight against terror. It has found a willing partner and supporter in China who is strongly backing the beleaguered nation. For years India has been telling western world in particularly US that unless terrorism is rooted out from Pakistan the world will continue to remain unsafe. The west never took India seriously with a view that India is trying to drag them in the conflict between two nations. But it is a hard reality that most of the dreaded international terrorists including Osama Bin Laden made Pakistan as their safe haven. The government of Afghanistan has also accused Pakistan of sheltering top Taliban militants.
Though late, the decision to tighten aid to Pakistan is a good move. It will definitely hurt Pakistan as country badly needs US aid to sustain its crumbling economy. Now onus lies on Pakistan to show its commitment against terrorism to international community by taking strong action against globally designated terrorists like Hafeez Saeed.