Right move by SC

The announcement of Supreme Court of India that playing of national anthem is not mandatory in cinema halls before the screening of film is a step in right direction. The court modified its November 30, 2016’s order by which it had made playing of the anthem mandatory. It seems better sense has prevailed paving the way for repelling of earlier SC order. Several instances of the misuse of apex court order have surfaced in recent months. The jingoistic nationalists have been found attacking people inside movie theater for not standing during national anthem.
Incidents of disabled persons being abused and attacked for not standing during national anthem were reported from various parts of country. Also the incidents of minority community being targeted by abusing the SC order have also been reported. The earlier SC order made everyone to wonder why citizens have to prove their patriotism this way. People go out for a movie for entertainment and to have quality time with loved ones. Why should someone else decide what people should do in the movie hall? Just standing and singing national anthem inside movie hall does not make someone patriotic. Infact it was an absurd move to test the patriotism of any Indian by such means. By not singing national anthem in movie hall, one does not become anti-national. The Supreme Court has taken right decision to scrap its earlier order and hopefully this will put an end to the whole drama.