Discourage bandh culture

The state government deserves appreciation for coming down hard on bandh callers. During the recent capital bandh, the administration lodged strong case against the bandh callers and arrested several members of group which had sponsored the bandh. The bandh miserably failed due to the strong action initiated by the administration. The citizens also played their part by openly defying the bandh. It’s time the pressure groups and NGOs stop using bandh as a tool to fight for the justice.
This is an out-dated method and should be avoided at any cost. Bandh call only causes more trouble to the ordinary citizens and it hardly affects the powerful people. Daily wage earners, students and those in need of medical attention are the worst affected. They should use other means to place their grievances. By calling bandh, these NGOs and pressure groups only harasses the citizens. Also it affects the developmental activities of the state. States like Assam and West Bengal is lagging way behind other states in development index due to the bandh culture. Arunachal should take cue from them and launch strong movement against it. There should be no place for bandh culture in today’s modern world.