No one is enemy

The visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India comes amidst the growing chorus for more close relation between the two nations. India for years has strike fine balance while maintaining relation with both Israel and its bitter rival Palestine. However, ever since BJP led Hindutva government came to power at centre there is increasing clamour to support Israel and stop espousing the Palestine cause. The PV Narasimha Rao led government established full diplomatic ties with Israel back in 1992 and cooperation between India and Israel in many fields have grown over the last 25 years.
RSS and its affiliate organizations seek formidable coalition of Hindu and Zionist. RSS admires Israel’s so called success in fighting the Muslim countries that surround it. For its followers, a “Hindu” India and a “Jewish” Israel have long been regarded as natural allies in the fight against Islam – with occasionally a “Christian” America thrown in to make a more formidable troika. No wonder Netanyahu’s visit is being widely celebrated with pro-government news channel giving wide coverage to the event and trying to portray it as the best thing to happen to Indo-Israel relation. But India should never commit mistake of abandoning Palestine in order to improve relation with Israel. India shares historical and emotional bond with Palestine. Citizens of both the countries shares agony of being ruled by the oppressed and brutual ruler. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindutva brigade should not forget the common cause that united the people of India and Palestine for years together. No doubt Israel is a friend of India but Palestine is not enemy either.