Time for some serious work

The state’s premier technical institute NERIST continues to be embroiled in controversy. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is reportedly delaying the appointment of regular director which is immensely hampering the progress of institute. The internal politics among faculty members and administrative officials is slowly destroying the reputation of NERIST. Today the standard of education is rapidly going down and NERIST is fast losing its charm. Successive central and state government promised to clean up the mess but have so far failed to do so.
MHRD should urgently appoint regular director in the greater interest of the student community of the NERIST. Delay is only making life more miserable for the students. Also it is disheartening to know that medical college project is getting delayed due to lack of approval from Medical Council of India (MCI). The MCI team visited state last year and reportedly found several loopholes in the college project. State government need to really pull up socks in order to ensure that medical college starts functioning from 2018 academic session onwards. For now the chances looks slim and it will be great travesty if college does not start functioning from coming academic session. It will push back medical college project to several years.