New battle front

Just as the whole world thought peace and stability were returning to middle-east following the defeat of militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, another new battle front has been opened up by Turkey. Its war planes have launched air strikes on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria in a move likely to raise tensions with the US and also escalate hostility with the Kurds. Turkey wants to oust the YPG militia, which it calls a terrorist group, from Afrin region on its southern border. However, the YPG has been a key part of the battle against IS in Syria, and is supported by the US.
The move of Turkey to launch attack on Kurds inside Syria is risky. The offensive pits it against its Nato ally the US, which backs the Kurdish militia against IS. Russia, which has troops in the area, has urged restraint. The Syrian regime warned it would be seen as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty. An estimated half a million people have been killed in the Syrian war. With this new front, the danger is that the number will rise again. US will have to intervene and talk out the matter with Turkey. The escalation of tension in the region will only aid IS and it will help them to regroup. Such situation will be a disaster for the whole world.