Improve vigil

The recent arrest of one person for allegedly hunting male clouded leopard from Swkhe-bo forest near Old Ziro is deeply disturbing news. The illegal hunter was caught by a patrolling team of All Tajang Youth Association (ATYA), a village youth vigilante group. First of all the youth association deserves huge appreciation for apprehending the illegal hunter. Their act of patrolling the area under the village jurisdiction has helped to nab the hunter. It shows that if forest department develop close coordination with villagers especially the youth group the conservation movement will achieve desired target.
In Pakke wildlife sanctuary, the conservation movement has achieved success due to the involvement of the local people. It is the villagers around Pakke who are taking lead role in protecting the wild lives. Forest department should take cue from the success story of Pakke and try to implement it throughout the state. Now the All Tajang Youth Association has once again showed how NGOs can play an important role in the conservation movement. The forest department also needs to improve patrolling in order to keep a strict vigil on the activities of the illegal hunters. Strong punishment should be meted out to those caught for illegal hunting and poaching. Large scale awareness programme should be conducted across the state to educate people regarding need to save wildlife for the better tomorrow.