Big hope

Just days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Palestine, UAE and Oman from the 9th to the 12th of next month. It will be the first-ever visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Palestine. Last year during his visit to middle-east, Modi skipped Palestine and only visited Israel. Since then he has developed personal rapport with Netanyahu and it is reflected in the growing cooperation between two nations in various fields.
However it also led to growing concern over possibility that India will abandon the Palestine cause. Also a section of BJP-RSS supporters wants consolidation of India-Israel relation and are seeking end of support to Palestine cause. But relation between India and Palestine is historical in nature and should not be ended abruptly. Both countries share the agony of being under rule of repressive regimes and it is duty of India to continue to support Palestine. In this context the visit of PM Modi to Palestine assumes massive significance. It will send a message to rest of world that India continues to stand for the oppressed people. Hopefully the visit further cements the strong relation between India and Arab world. There is large number of Indian diaspora living and working in Arab countries. The visit of PM Modi to Palestine, UAE and Oman will immensely benefit their cause.