India may not be ready

President Ram Nath Kovind has reignited the call for a “sustained debate” on holding simultaneous polls for the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies. In his maiden address to the joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament on Monday during the beginning of the Budget session, President Kovind said all parties need to arrive at a consensus over the issue. In coming days there is expected to be more debate over the demand for holding simultaneous polls for the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies. There are both pros and cons but situation right now may not be feasible for holding simultaneous poll.
The holding of simultaneous election is expected to be costly affair. In 2016, the Election Commission (EC) of India told government that cost involved will be to the tune of over Rs 9,000 crore. Also it has potential to disrupt the present democratic system of the country. The state elections present an opportunity to the citizens to punish union government mid-way if they are not happy with its performance. Infact state election keeps central government on alert mood thereby benefiting the citizens. India is a huge country with diverse population. The need and aspiration of citizens varies from region to region. Therefore state elections offers window of opportunity to the citizens to espouse their cause. However, those in support of holding simultaneous polls claim that state elections impede the development process due to the promulgation of the model code of conduct. There should be more debate over pros and cons of holding simultaneous election. Right now country does not seem ready for it but there is no harm in debating about it.