Visit of enormous importance

The visit of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to Nepal is of immense important for the India. Ms Swaraj arrived in Kathmandu on Thursday for the two day visit. The visit comes amidst cooling down of relation between India and its immediate neighbours. Countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives which are considered to be traditional friends of India in recent year have drifted away from it. They have developed closer relation with China. This has reduced India’s influence over these countries. China aggressively wooed these countries by offering all kind of sops.
India made the mistake of allowing China to have free hand within its immediate neighbour. Off late the traditional friends like Nepal, have drifted towards China and there is an urgent need to repair the relation between two nations. Hopefully the visit of foreign minister Sushma Swaraj to Nepal will enhance the long-standing special friendship between two nations. It is also expected to expand and further strengthen the bilateral partnership across diverse sectors. India needs to win back confidence of the people and government of Nepal. Further government of India should take steps towards improving relation with Sri Lanka and Maldives. These two countries are of immense importance for the India.