Avail the opportunity

Few of the announcements made in this year’s union budget will immensely benefit the people of Arunachal. The proposal to construct tunnel through Sela pass which will cut down the travel time to Tawang will significantly improve the connectivity in the region. Besides helping locals the tunnel road will also led to increase in number of tourists visiting Tawang. Another budget announcement which is of interest to Arunachal is allocation of Rs 1290 crore to promote the bamboo sector in the country.
The bamboo sector in Arunachal has huge potential but it has not been properly tapped yet. In recent year the government of India has ignored this sector and it had direct impact in the state. The state bamboo mission is dependent on central fund to carry out its activities. The infusion of fund in the bamboo sector will have positive effect in Arunachal. Also the increase in allocation of fund towards ST will have also bearing in the state. Now the onus lies with government of Arunachal to properly liaise with government of India and avail the opportunity provided in the budget announcement.