Make proper plan

Ever since the construction of 4 lane highway started in capital complex, heavy traffic jam is witnessed especially in Itanagar. The last few days of rain has further worsened the situation. Massive jam is witnessed all over Itanagar thereby causing immense trouble to the denizens. Going by the experience of past few days it seems capital administration is not fully prepared to tackle the situation arising out of construction of 4 lane highway.
Everyone is aware that construction of highway will affect the traffic movement within capital complex. The situation is expected to get worse in monsoon when heavy rain lashes state. The earth cutting done for construction of 4 lane will disrupt traffic and it will severely affect the whole capital region. Therefore district administration needs to make proper plan to tackle it. Proper plan should be made in advance to manage the traffic. The Jully bypass road has to be properly repaired before the onset of monsoon. The said road is an important alternative road and with the highway construction going on its important has manifold. Within Itanagar some of the sector roads can be used as alternate road and for this capital administration will have to take initiative. These sector roads should be repaired and also its width should be increased to accommodate bigger vehicle. If these kind of steps are not initiated the capital complex will witness massive traffic jam in days to come.