Wake up call

The latest health index released by NITI Aayog today at New Delhi should worry the people of state. Arunachal has been placed in six positions out of eight in the small state category. This is a very poor ranking and it should deeply concern everyone including the state government. Successive government continues to ignore the health sector. There is an urgent need to revamp the health sector. The condition of government run hospitals especially those located in interior areas continues to be in pathetic condition. To better the health index, first of all government has to improve the condition of government PHC and CHC.
Adequate manpower should be posted and modern equipments should be provided to these hospitals. The state government also needs to put effort to start medical college at the earliest. The start of medical college will definitely help to improve health sector in the state. The state government should also welcome private investment in health sector. For this a conducive atmosphere will have to be created to attract the private investment. The health index prepared by NITI Aayog is a wakeup call for the state government. Before it is too late they should take initiatives to improve the ailing health sector.