A step in right direction

For the last few days Development Commissioner Ashish Kundra has been conducting pre budget consultation meeting across the state. This is a good exercise and will help to prepare a holistic budget taking care of every sector. Several important suggestions have been made by the various stakeholders in the two pre budget meeting held so far. Government should hold more such consultative meeting involving the ordinary citizens. This will give them fair idea of what citizens expect from them in the budget.
A good beginning has been by conducting pre budget meeting in the office of divisional commissioner east (Namsai) and west (Yachuli). This way the citizens get an opportunity to be involved in the preparation of budget. The suggestion made by people in the said meeting should be thoroughly examined. Govt should incorporate those suggestions which are in the greater interest of the state. Also more such kind of pre budget consultative meeting should be held throughout the state. It will help to prepare a people friendly budget in true sense.