Save Pachin & Senki rivers

A campaign to clean Senki River which flows through the heart of Itanagar launched by Youth Mission for Clean River-AP is commendable and should be supported by every citizens of the capital complex. Most of the rivers and streams in and around capital complex has become dumping ground for garbage and drain. The successive government has failed to initiate any steps to protect these valuable natural resources. The condition of rivers Senki(Itanagar) and Pachin(Naharlagun) are in pathetic condition. Majority of the drains of capital complex are released in these two rivers thereby polluting it and posing danger to its future.
Once with full of life today both Senki and Pachin Rivers looks more like filthy drain than a river. Unfortunately so far neither government authorities nor civil society bodies took any initiative to clean the rivers and streams of the capital region. Therefore in this context the decision of Youth Mission for Clean River-AP to launch clean Senki river movement is timely and will also put spotlight on terrible condition of the said river in the forefront. Hopefully it will lead to increase awareness about need to keep Senki and Pachin Rivers clean for the betterment of future Arunachal. But the campaign should sustain and continue till it achieves the desire target. The organizer should not just hold one clean drive initiative for publicity gimmick and vanish after it. Also they should involve experts and put pressure on government to take concrete initiative to save the dying Pachin and Senki River.