Too little too late

In 2017 monsoon wreaked havoc across the state. Large scale destruction of properties including private and govt was reported from various part of the state. In Toru under Papum Pare district 14 people was killed due to landslide in July 2017. The monsoon especially caused massive destruction to road networks throughout the state. PMGSY and Trans Arunachal Highway was severely damaged in many stretches. The state government has failed to repair many of the damaged portions of road. Strangely the inter-ministerial team of the central government on disaster management is visiting state six month after the end of monsoon season to assess the damage. This visit does not make any sense as people have managed to carry on with their life and have almost forgotten the pain inflicted by ferocious monsoon.
If central government is really concern they should have sent the team in the month of September to assess the actual damage. The government of India is mocking the people of Arunachal by sending team at this juncture. It shows their biasness towards NE region. When natural disasters hits mainland India the whole of union cabinet including Prime Minister visit the affected areas and immediately damage is assessed. But in Arunachal central team is visiting six month after monsoon created havoc in the state. Every year during monsoon massive damaged is caused to road and other infrastructures. A proper policy should be worked out to tackle the perennial problem of monsoon.