Inspiring judgment

The judgment pronounced in Bomjen Gapak murder case has every potential to be a watershed movement in the history of Arunachal. Three persons involved in the gruesome murder of 18 year old engineering student has been awarded life imprisonment along with 10 years’ rigorous imprisonment. This historic judgment passed by the Yupia West Sessions Judge Jaweplu Chai has reposed faith of the people of Arunachal on legal justice system. In May 2013 the young Gapak was brutally murdered shocking the whole state. It took sometime but capital police managed to crack the case.
Out of seven people arrested three has been convicted while remaining four has been freed. Usually known for its lackadaisical attitude the capital police have done commendable job in filing strong case leading to the conviction of the accused. This is perhaps for the first time that such kind of judgment has been passed in a criminal case. Most of the heinous criminal case including murder, rape, etc never reaches the conclusion. Murderers get out of jail and roam freely. Still there are many murderers roaming freely in the street of capital complex. Hopefully the strong verdict given by Yupia West Sessions Judge Jaweplu Chai will inspire people of Arunachal and also send out a strong message to criminals that law does finally catch up.