Threat of drug trafficking

On Saturday to the horror of everyone Itanagar police seized large amount of psychotropic substances from two youths here at IG Park. The seized substances include Nnitrazepam/Nitrosun tablets, ganja etc. This seizure shows how easily drugs are getting into the hand of youth in capital region. In recent year drug problem is on rise in the state capital. The drugs are easily making their way into capital complex from various parts of the state.
This is deeply worrisome considering the fact that one has to go through strict police checking while making entry into capital complex. It raises serious question mark over the capability of police officials posted at Hollongi, Banderdewa and Midpu check gates. On regular basis the home department should review the performance of police posted in the check gates. Also they should be equipped with latest technologies to effectively fight the drug traffickers. Police need to intensify intelligence gathering capabilities to track the activities of drug traffickers. At present they are taking advantage of loopholes in the system and are continuing drug trafficking business without any fear. The growing drug abuse case in capital region should alarm every citizen. People from across the state come to capital complex with the hope of better life. But the ever increasing drug problem is creating unhealthy atmosphere and it will lead to break down of law and order.