A lesson

The much delayed Pare and Kameng hydro electric projects of North Eastern Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO) finally seems to getting ready for commissioning. The officials of NEEPCO on Saturday told Chief Minister Pema Khandu that Pare hydro electric projects will be commissioned by end of this month. The commissioning of both Pare and Kameng hydro projects will help state to earn more revenues. Also the 2 percent free power provided to affected people will go long way in addressing the developmental issues concerning the locals.
In both Kameng and Pare, the local people wholeheartedly supported the project. However, the project affected people have complained about lack of job opportunities. The majority of workforce in both Pare and Kameng hydro electric projects are from outside Arunachal. The representation of local in both the project is negligible. This kind of situation makes people apprehensive about hydro power projects. State government should make sure that hydro power developer gives first preference to local in particularly project affected people while carrying out recruitment drive. The support of affected people has been crucial in implementation of Kameng, Pare and Ranganadi hydro power projects. The state government should learn a lesson from these three projects. Hydro power project should come up only in those areas where local support it. The arbitrary imposition of hydro project against the will of citizens needs to end.