Strong NDA is better for BJP

In the wake of recent by poll results, the political scenario in the country is fast changing. The BJP’s defeat in UP and Bihar seems to have emboldened the allies and rivals. Telugu Desam Party (TDP) today quit ruling National Democratic Alliance alleging BJP of not fulfilling the promise of granting special category state to Andhra Pradesh. It is a major setback for NDA, in particularly for BJP. The saffron party has been trying its best to make inroad in southern India using alliance partner.
Though withdrawing of support by TDP will not impact stability of NDA government it can have political ramification. The TDP is trying to portray BJP as betrayal and this has potential to damage saffron party in coming elections. The political rivals will use this as tool to attack BJP. The party will have to make huge effort to negate any potential political implication of the move of TDP to withdraw support. However it is not only TDP, other alliance partner like Shiv Sena, Akali Dal has also alleged that BJP is not treating allies properly. With election just a year away it has become important for BJP to keep its flock together. A strong NDA will definitely help it in the long run.