Serious allegation

The allegation leveled by All Arunachal Contractor’s Welfare Association (AACWA) that some individuals are fraudulently trying to pass bills from treasury without carrying out any work is deeply worrying. AACWA has alleged that powerful people with political connection are putting pressure on treasury officers to pass bills under SIDF, SADA and untied funds even without starting the work at ground. This kind of illegal activities should be strongly discouraged and strict action should be initiated against the people found involved in such wrongful activities. Withdrawal of government fund without executing the work is crime and also is punishable under the law.
The departments should follow the laid down norms and release fund only after contractor submit evidence of execution of work. One of the main reasons for underdevelopment of state is the utter misuse of the government fund. The contractors in connivance with officials embezzles fund without executing the work. Especially during the month of March, the financial year ending month, such kind of illegal activities increases. Therefore the authority concern needs to maintain vigil and check such illegal activities. Also proper investigation should be done into the allegation leveled by AACWA. The allegation is serious in nature as it involves massive amount of government fund.