Venkaiah Naidu praises PM Modi’s passion for economic reforms

NEW DELHI, Apr 7 (PTI): Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his passion to reform the economy and bring transformation “everywhere”, saying India was “again on the move” because of his leadership.
Speaking at a programme to mark 60 years of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of South Asia in New Delhi, Naidu said India withstood the effects of economic slowdown elsewhere in the world because of “the prime minister’s passion for reforms”.
“He wanted to bring transformation everywhere,” he said.
The vice president said any reform leads to “temporary pain but long-term gain”, apparently referring to the sudden government move to demonetise a bulk of currency notes in November 2016.
However, Naidu said, “India is once again on the move. I am confident that by going by the present situation India is moving ahead, thanks to the leadership.”
“We have stability, a lot of ability. If you have stability and ability then you can have prosperity,” he said.
He emphasised that even though India has been “ruled and ruined” by many, it has no history of attacking any country.
Naidu also suggested to the foreign correspondents there to first understand the country they are reporting about, rather than getting “carried away” by statements of political parties.