Shameless act

The horrific rape and killing of a minor girl hailing from nomadic Bakherwal Muslim community at Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir has exposes the fault line that is causing deep division in the Indian society. The girl was reportedly raped and killed to teach a lesson to the community. Further causing more trauma to family member of victim, the members of Jammu Bar Association tried to prevent police from filing charge sheet at the court. Shouting bharat mata ki jai and jai shree ram, the members of bar stopped police from filing charge sheet. This shameless act deserves to be condemned by every Indian.
Also a rally was taken out in support of the alleged accused wherein leaders of BJP also reportedly took part. It is sad that a rape and murder of an 8 year old girl is being communalized. This is a crime against the humanity. How can these people extend support to killers based on religious line? The way a section of Hindu community is behaving, it looks like they are hell-bent on turning India into new Pakistan. This country has always prided itself for giving equal rights to every citizen. But the things are starting to change and minorities are becoming soft target. The Kathua incident is slap on the face of every right thinking Indians. There is need for deep introspection before it is too late.