Voters are watching

Karnataka will vote to elect new government on May 12. As the poll date nears, the election atmosphere is heating up. Campaigning is in full swing throughout the state. National leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi and also Chief Ministers like Yogi Adithyanath of Uttar Pradesh are actively campaigning for their respective parties. Campaigning so far is devoid of any substances. All the parties are avoiding talk about development. No parties seem interested to tell people of Karnataka what they plan to do if elected to government.
The campaigning is full of rhetoric and personal abuses. Taking lead role in it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. In various election rallies, Modi has been making very personal attacks on Congress president Rahul Gandhi. PM also took indirect jibe at Italian origin of Rahul’s mother and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. On the other hand Congress party is responsible for making personal attack on former PM HD Deve Gowda. The political parties should stop these kinds of malicious personal attacks and concentrate on offering concrete solution to the problems affecting citizens of Karnataka. Many fear that what is happening in Karnataka might be repeated in next general election. BJP will target Rahul Gandhi and Congress will concentrate on Narendra Modi. Both the parties should understand that people of India are clever and will not fall for such kind of cheap politics. Voters will ultimately vote those party which offers better future to them.