Maintain the assets

With the formal inauguration of state’s first artificial synthetic hockey turf at Sangay Lhaden Sports Academy (SLSA), Chimpu, the state of Arunachal has taken another stride in the field of sports. Last year an Astroturf football ground was also inaugurated inside SLSA. These two world class facilities will immensely benefit the students of academy and help to produce sports superstars from the state. The department of sports should properly maintain the two grounds. Creation of world lass sporting facilities is welcomed but unless properly maintained it will not serve the purpose. Sports stadiums and arenas require good maintenance planning and execution in order to be effective. This is because good maintenance planning and execution can trim 15-30% operating expenses.
The government department of state has very poor track record, when it is issue of maintaining the assets. Also much to the enthusiasm of sports lovers the outdoor stadiums being constructed at Yupia, Pasighat, Ziro and Daporijo are on the verge of completion. Once completed these stadiums is expected to benefit the budding sportspersons of the state. As well as expanding and improving existing facilities, the department of sports will have to continue the endevour of creating better sports infrastructures. Improving facilities will enhance the quality of sport and will attract interest of high-performing athletes. Also inspections of all sports assets should be conducted on regularly scheduled basis. This will give maintenance management a heads up on any potential problems early on so that they may be scheduled for work before the problem blossoms into an emergency repair or replacement situation.