Reform the examination styles

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw the kind attention of the APPSC who is coming up with APSC exam very soon.
The growing trends in cheating in examinations is highly increasing backed by the latest sophisticated technologies and thanks to the flawed examination system, it’s a high time that the APPSC who’s capabilities is at doubt amongst the aspirants needs to reform the examination styles. The commission has repeatedly been in a sorry state right from the alleged paper leaks of 2013. India is gearing towards a digital country so are the cheaters. Internet is a pool of knowledge often misused by many. Bare searching of pockets for cell phones during the examination will fetch nothing. These unstoppable cheaters are way smarter than the already exhausted securities who does it just for the sake of doing.
Introduction of Cell Phone jammers in the examination hall is highly recommended as it very likely to eliminate the only source of cheating.
On the other hand, the Commission needs to do away with assigning the task of invigilator to the Private Coaching Institutes in and around the city. Major chunk of the candidates has been admitted into these institutions and thus favoritism to their respective students is doubtful. Also cheating is prevalent only in those halls where the invigilators lacks ability or is not discharging his duties.
Sometimes they are afraid of taking an action against someone fearing the aftermath consequences outside the hall while on the rest, they weigh their options of what would happen if he took any action or if he kept silent. Police personnel should be engaged inside the hall rather than outer premises of the campus so to check against the vulgar speeches or unruly behavior against the invigilator discharging his duties fearlessly.
Human beings are differentiated from other animals for their ability to adapt to changes.
Change is not the problem, resistance to change is the problem. Those who fails to change with the time eventually fails and disappears.
Hope this time none of the candidates gets anything to complain about.