Pay attention to govt schools

The government schools have performed poorly in the recently announced results of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations. In the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) the pass percentage for govt schools is only 44.33 %. Astonishingly at Government Higher Secondary School, Talo under Lower Subansiri district out of 31 students that appeared only one student cleared the AISSC exam. This is absolutely shameful and authorities of said school should be held responsible for such poor results.
In the All India Secondary School Examination too, the pass percentage of government schools is very low at 21.22%. The poor performance of students in both class X and XII exams have badly exposed the systematic failure of govt run schools. It also raises question mark over sincerity of state government, who often claims to give top priority to the education and health sector. Majority of the Arunachalees are dependent on government schools for the education. However these schools face major problems like shortage of subject teachers and poor infrastructure. The students studying in govt schools face uncertainty future. The poor class X and XII results should be a wakeup call for the state government, in particularly education department. Before it’s too late drastic measures have to be implemented to improve the standard of govt schools. The state govt should not put the future of thousands of students at risk by ignoring their plight.