Right time

Yet again in a brazen violation of Supreme Court order, the officials of Assam are attempting to construct road inside Arunachal territory at Kangku circle under Lower Siang district. If it was not for the vigilantism of local populace, the contractor would have constructed road in a WRC field at Hime village. Despite strong objection from Arunachal, the contractor assigned by government of Assam is reported to be still going ahead with constructing of road inside the Arunachal territory. This smacks of arrogance and lack of respect for the people of state. Well, this is not for the first time that Assam is indulging in such kind of blatant encroachment of landing belonging to the Arunachal Pradesh.
These kinds of incidents continue to be reported from various parts of state. Infact most of the land along the Assam-Arunachal boundary has been encroached by the people of Assam with active support of its government. Unfortunately the government of Arunachal has not been able to recover those lands. The Supreme Court of India has given clear order to both the state to maintain status quo till the final order. But Assam brazenly violates the SC order without any fear. The state government should take Assam to task for this violation and knock the door of SC. Also now both the state is ruled by BJP and at centre too saffron party is in power. Perhaps this is the best time to resolve the long standing boundary row.