Blessing in disguise

Former President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to RSS headquarter, to deliver a lecture has generated massive debate among the people of India. He arrived at Nagpur yesterday, chased by controversy ever since he agreed to address thousands of RSS trainees at an annual passing out ceremony. Mr Mukherjee went ahead with visit despite fierce objections from his former party Congress. The liberals who see RSS as a hard line religious organizations were aghast with the decision of Mr Mukherjee to attend such event. However the visit might be blessing in disguise for the nation.
During his speech at the event, former president spoke about tolerance, diversity and need for peaceful co-existence. He said ‘soul of India lies in pluralism and tolerance. Secularism and inclusion is a matter of faith for us. We are not one nation, one identity.’ Hopefully the message of Mr Mukherjee has been well taken by the Sangh parivar. His decision to speak about subjects like nationalism and religion on which RSS has different view from him shows that former president is still rooted to his core political ideology. Infact he imparted lessons on nationalism and pluralism to the RSS at their own home. Words like secularism and tolerance are not really liked by the Sangh Parivars. Therefore decision of former president to espouse liberal ideology at headquarter of RSS was brave enough. Hopefully the visit of Pranab Mukherjee will lead to more healthy debate on issues like nationalism and secularism.