Punish anti-social elements

Some anti-social elements masquerading as activists of various unions and associations are busy in extorting money from government officials and businessmen in capital complex. Most of the extortion cases go unreported as victim chose to remain silent. However the recent case of intimidation and vandalism committed by goons at the residence of the director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary has made it to the news headline. The Arunachal Pradesh Veterinary Association and directorate officers association has condemned the incident and sought punishment for the alleged perpetrators.
However going by the past experiences, the chances of perpetrators getting punishment is slim. In most of the cases the attackers usually walks free due to weakness of administration and police. It emboldens them to carry on with their anti-social activities. Also most of the goons are patronized by the powerful people. These people make life miserable for government officials and businessmen of capital complex. Because of their illegal activities the image of Itanagar gets maligned. Therefore administration should take strongest possible action against such anti-social elements. Unless every citizens of state capital feel safe, the true development will never take place. Capital is the gateway to the state and if capital itself is not safe, then it raises serious question mark over law and order situation in rest of the state.