Pays price for seeking peace

The killing of one of the most respected Kashmiri journalists Shujaat Bukhari on Thursday evening has shocked the journalist communities of the country. He was killed when he stepped out of his office in Press Colony. The killing has sent shockwaves and has deeply angered everyone. In Bukhari’s death Kashmir and India has lost a dear friend who vouched for the middle path. It is early days but he is believed to have been killed by militants operating in the valley. Mr Bukhari supported the ceasefire extended by central government in the valley, which reportedly angered the militants.
His constant call for peace and dialogue to resolve Kashmir issue never found support with the militants. Perhaps he paid heavy price for seeking peace and for speaking truth. Infact the centre’s move to declare unilateral ceasefire during the holy month of Ramzan have miserably failed. It culminated with the killing of Shujaat Bukhari. The ceasefire has triggered a spurt in terror activities. Data collected by the home ministry indicates that terror-related incidents in the Kashmir valley have increased by more than 100 percent during Ramzan. The govt of India should accept that ceasefire initiative has been a big failure. For the last two years the situation in Kashmir is going from bad to worse. The killing of sane voice like Shujaat Bukhari is a great tragedy and it will further push valley to Dark Age.