Healing touch

The rocky alliance between PDP and BJP ended with later withdrawing support to the Mehbooba Mufti lead government. The collapse of government was not surprised and many felt it was in offing. Ideologically the two parties were miles apart. Their coming together to form government had surprised everyone. However, the coming together of two parties with totally different political ideology gave glimmer of hope that peace might return to Kashmir valley. Sadly all hopes have been dashed and valley has witnessed rise in militancy. Today the number of youths joining militancy has increased. Violence is gripping the valley and situation is going from bad to worse.
Infact the PDP-BJP government has pushed valley to another era. There is complete disconnection between people of Kashmir valley and rest of India. Kashmiri’s are increasingly feeling isolated and seems to be losing trust on the politicians. The situation is really bad and one wonders whether Governor’s Rule will make any differences. The PDP-BJP government miserably failed to make use of opportunity to bring peace in the valley. Infact both have polarized the state. BJP openly played to its Hindutva agenda and even went to the extent of supporting Kathua rape accused. On other hand PDP stuck to its agenda of appeasing separatists. Both failed to find a middle path to govern the state. The result is a deeply divided society. Today Kashmir needs a leader who will work truly for its people irrespective of region and religion. The state of Jammu and Kashmir needs a healing touch.