US action frightens world

Once, the champion of human right and free trade, United States of America under President Donald Trump is today acting against its own values and principles. The US is engaged in a bitter tariff war with European Union, China, Canada, Mexico and even India. Its international policy in the last one year has alienated most of the countries including its close allies. For decade including during cold war era, it stood as biggest proponent of the democratic values. However under Trump the situation has changed drastically.
Now the cruel immigration policy of Trump to separate children and parents has come under the scrutiny of international communities. Under the new policy, undocumented border crossers are criminally charged and put in jail. As children cannot legally be jailed with their parents, they have been kept in separate facilities. This policy is hurting the image of US. It is not just the current cruelty which should frighten us. The border separations are of course immoral and unconscionable. Children are ripped from the arms of their mothers and are caged. Even when the immediate suffering of the 2,000 already taken has passed, many will be affected for life by the trauma. For some, the divisions will prove permanent. Parents are being deported without their children. Also its effects will be felt not only at US, but further away, as populist politicians from across world might draw inspiration and confidence. In India we are increasingly witnessing persecution of minorities by Hindu majority under Narendra Modi lead BJP govt at centre. The utter disrespect of human right by US, which is considered to be guardian of democratic values might inspire right wing group across the world.