Work as team

The All Pakke-Kessang Pijeriang Dissing Passo Seijosa Students Union has raised a very pertinent issue of the need to ban sale of alcohol and tobacco items to the students and minors. The state government should give serious thought about it. Today it has become very easy for the youngsters to get access to alcohol and tobacco. There is no proper regulation and shopkeepers are taking advantage of it to illegally sell these items. It is a pathetic sight to see students in school uniform buying alcohol from the wine shop and smoking cigarette in market areas. This easy access has to be curbed for the betterment of society.
While completely banning the sale of alcohol and tobacco items may be counterproductive as it might open floodgate for the back marketers, however, strict regulation should be put in place so that minors do not get easy access to it. District administrations should collaborate with the members of business communities to tackle this issue. Everyone should cooperate as it is a serious social issue. Selling of alcohol and tobacco to monitors should be strictly banned. Strong action should be initiated against those who violate such order. Also the civil society bodies and NGOs especially the student unions will have to play critical role in bringing awareness about the ill effects of consuming alcohol and tobacco. The parents also need to keep an eye on the activities of their ward. To build better future everyone will have to work together as team.