Outrageous comment

The statement of BJP leader and former minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Chaudhary Lal Singh warning the journalists representing Kashmir media of “Shujaat Bhukari-like incident” is extremely shocking. Mr Singh was earlier this year in news for rallying in support of the accused in the brutal gangrape-and-murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua. His latest controversial statement has definitely sent out chilling warning to the journalist communities of the country. Ever since BJP came to power at centre, their leaders and supporters have created an atmosphere of fear among its critics.
They use social media platform to abuse its political opponents as well as critics. The press fraternities are the worst sufferers. Anyone who criticizes the leadership of present regime is declared as anti-national and supporter of Pakistan. They are constantly harassed by the regime using various machineries. Chaudhary Lal Singh’s statement do not surprise considering the current situation. But he has gone too far by citing example of journalist Shujat Bukhari who was recently gunned down by militants at Srinagar along with his security officers. Mr Singh is telling journalists to either toe line of his party or be ready to get killed. This is absolutely not acceptable and the whole nation is waiting to see what kind of action BJP takes against him. If saffron party really cares for press freedom which they claim, BJP should strongly punish Mr Singh for his outrageous comment.