Act before it’s too late

The pathetic condition of Arunachal State Nursing School highlighted in a report published in this daily is an eye opener for the government of Arunachal. Situation is so bad that there are fears that Indian Nursing Council (INC) may de-recognize the institution for failing to meet the required standard. The school which started functioning in 2015 from a temporary makeshift building is yet to find its permanent home. State govt had enough time to construct new building and provide all the required facilities to the Nursing School. But they have completely wasted the last 4 years.
There is lack of will on the part of government to improve the situation. This lackadaisical attitude raises serious question mark on the integrity of the present government. Also if they are not able to take care of a single Nursing School then how will they run the upcoming medical college? The medical college will need more funds than nursing school. The mismanagement of nursing school should be a wakeup call for the government of Arunachal. Before time runs out the concern authorities should immediately step in to save the nursing school. If indeed it is de-recognized by INC, the future of hundreds of students will be spoiled. Further it will be a huge setback towards the goal of improving the health care scenario of the state.