Unfair to only blame teachers

In the last few days, reports of deputy commissioners conducting meetings to review the performance of students in CBSE exam in their respective districts are pouring in. The DC’s are sending out strong message by warning of tough action against the non-performing teachers of government schools. But the big question is whether teachers will heed to the cautions of deputy commissioners. Also it will be unfair to blame only teachers for the poor performance of the students in the exam.
The effort should be from everyone including students and parents. On their part the parents should keep an eye on the activities of their ward. Just by sending children to the schools, their responsibilities do not end. Infact there should be proper coordination between parents and teachers. It is seen that unlike private schools, in most of the government run schools the parents-teachers meetings are hardly held. All the government schools should start the practice of holding such kind of meeting regularly. Also monthly test should be regularly conducted and the performance of students in these tests should be reviewed during the parents-teachers meeting. The state government also needs to improve the infrastructure of government schools in order to create a healthy atmosphere for the students to perform. It seems this year’s pathetic performance of students in CBSE examinations have jolted the state, thereby forcing the DC’s to intervene. Hopefully the intervention of deputy commissioners will yield positive result and helps to improve performance of students next year.